Local Events, Festivals and More


Make the most of your stay and take part in some of the seasonal events, festivals and tournaments. Whether it’s summer or winter here in Fairbanks, there’s always something going on. And for guests that are Alaska residents, you can save with our seasonal resident’s rate.

FEBRUARY 20 – 22

  • 7th Annual Winter Weekend Film Festival
  • Hosted by the Skagway Arts Council, the 7th Annual Winter Weekend Film Festival is a celebration of regional and international films. All films are shown at the AB Hall. 


  • 23rd Annual Winter King Salmon Tournament
  • Take part in one of the most exciting fishing contests in all of Alaska – the 23rd Annual Winter King Salmon Tournament in the city of Homer. This one-day fishing bonanza features top anglers from across the state. 

MARCH 3 – 5

  • 43rd Annual Festival of Native Arts
  • Held on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the Festival of Native Arts is a premier area event. This year marks 43 years with traditional songs, dances, and arts & crafts. 

APRIL 1 – 30

  • Ketchikan Hummingbird Festival
  • Celebrate the return of Alaska's migratory birds. Ideal of birdwatchers, the Ketchiakn Hummingbird Festival is known for sightings of the Rufous hummingbird.